$0 lifetime on charge upfront

My patreon is Charge Upfront, but sometimes I see people pledging and it shows $0 on their lifetime, is it a patreon bug ? they haven’t been charged? Why does that happen?


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Hey @Sify! Thanks for making this post! I have some help for you on this, but as it’s payments related, it’s a little complicated and the team helped me with this info so I hope I’m explaining this in a helpful way :smiley:

It looks like you’re using Patron Manager whereas Patron Relationship Manager is our newer feature that has a lot of the info you’re looking for. The Patron Manager feature has been around for a long time, and is currently serving a lot of purposes. Patron Relationship Manager is our first step in replacing the Patron Manager with tools that are more tailored for a specific purpose. Patron Relationship Manager is being built from the ground-up and has a new, more friendly interface, and will be the foundation for new features and tools to come.

To find this info in PRM, filter by active > paid charge status. As this is our newer tool, the data is more accurate but payments info takes a while to populate and show accurately so there may still be a time period where the info is out of date.

If there are any reasons you prefer to use Patron Manager over Patron Relationship Manager, I’d love to hear them as we continue working on improving PRM.

The initial “summary” page of Patron Manager is excellent and not present in Patron Relationship Manager (at least some of this is not available anywhere else). But off the top of my head:

  • On payday, it says “$237 processed from 27 patrons” or the like in large and obvious text.
  • It gives a very clear readout of how many patrons there were each month and the expected/actual billing. While we can debate the makeup of those numbers, it’s easy to see how the number changes from month to month. I find actual numbers more useful than the dashboard graph.
  • It has the total dollar amount processed by Patreon on your behalf, ever, which is nice
  • It has the total pledge amount before fees as of the current moment
  • Patron Manager has a way to list all the people who were patrons as of a particular month, which Patron Relationship Manager doesn’t seem to

Thank you! This is so helpful and I’ve shared it with the team as they wanted to know.

  • Patron Manager has a way to list all the people who were patrons as of a particular month, which Patron Relationship Manager doesn’t seem to

This. I use the old Patron Manager to get a list of all the people who supported me in the most recent month, sorted by tier, and send a message to all the people of two particular tiers (on the 1st of the month) or all the people (on the 15th of the month) with the appropriate Patron Puzzle (since I don’t want new patrons to have access to all the old Patron Puzzles, I don’t simply post them as regular posts and set them so only certain tiers can see them). Is there a way to do this in the new interface?

:scream: suddenly the FILTER tool for PRM is gone! Missing? So everything is in there in a big mess. Was trying to see my active patrons so I can organize thank yous for this week’s post…