1-Year Patreonship Notice

It would be really great to have a notification that a patron has been a patron for 1 year. I would like to send my patrons a thank you email and gift after 1 year of patronage, but the workload of having to manage this for each patron on my own would be too great. Please consider this Patreon, thank you!


Hi Timothy,
I have yearly benefits and like to know as well. I can easily see how long someone has been with me after going to the side bar, clicking on Patrons, then Patron Relationship Manager. You should then see a list of active patrons. Look to the right sidebar. It should show how months many the selected patron has been with you. Selecting a different patron will bring up information of that one to the right. Does that help?

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Hey Richard! I am aware of that feature, but it involves individually monitoring the history of each patron. A simple feature where you get a notification of who is nearing/has reached the 1-year mark, would make that work much quicker and easier.


I can see how that would be useful with a higher patron count!


While no, it’s not available directly in patreon, there might be a way to automatically monitor this using the Patreon > Zapier integration at https://www.patreon.com/apps

I know there are quite a few folks that use Zapier to input information on patrons into a spread sheet for much easier organization than relying on downloading the CSV files from patreon every month. Though I’ve not used it myself so i’m noooooot sure exactly if it might work the way you need. Might be worth a look though!

(I sort of do this in my own spread sheet, not using Zapier. I just have it set to calculate the milestones i want based off the join date on patreon, and then set to change the colour of certain boxes when dates are met/passed so i can see when someone has been a patron for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. Yes i have to manually check it but i only need to check it once a month to confirm what milestones will be coming this month and set some reminders for myself.)

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Really it would be more effective as a configurable notification system.

(1) Create a Timeframe (e.g. 12 months)
(2) Define what tiers it applies to (.e.g $5, $10, $25)
(3) Define what email to send when people reach that timeframe (e.g. 12-month thank you email")
(4) If applicable, which benefits to ‘unlock’ at that timeframe. (e.g. “Send Hoodie Merch”)

In this way, it could be used to customize anything from 1-month rewards up to 5-year rewards. It could integrate with Merch or Zapier, or just unlock specific posts (that the thank you email could link to).

Lots of options for a system like this – and I would use it definitely. It was a pain this last Christmas to go out to all my 6+ month Patrons for their gifts.

On that note, I don’t know if the system could also be configured for Dates (e.g. Christmas, Hannukah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc) then it could be used for wacky holiday promos. It would only require changing the “Duration” option to be configurable to “Date Based” (with option for recurring after X days/weeks/months/years).


I have also suggested this feature ( Anniversary Feature ) and would love it! I send out gifts annually to loyal patrons and would find even the ability to sort by length of patronage to be extremely useful! :slight_smile: