"18 or older"-button, payouts

Dear Patreon Team

It seems that many of my Patreons do not see the “Yes, I am 18 or older” button that you implemented. What do they have to do? Refresh their browsers? Delete cookies? Log off and sign in again? I want to able to tell them what they must do to see my content.

Also, I am getting worried about my patreons being processed. It is July 3rd now and still no processing of the pledges of my 131 Patreons.

My secundary Patreon, patreon,com/bondagedreams, is still suspended after five days allthough I made all the necessary changes.

I do not want to nag, I just want to inform you that there are still a lot of unresolved issues.

As far as i am aware, it only shows up once and once only. Once they agree they are old enough, it will never show up again.

As for your processing, @carla @mindy ?

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Hey @slaveryart, thanks for making this thread :slight_smile: Our team is moving as fast as possible but I know we haven’t helped everyone just yet. They should be in touch for your secondary account soon!

@Temrin is correct — they should only see the button once and once agreed, it will be in effect across all of Patreon. If they are still unable to see your posts or that message at all, I would encourage them to write into support to try and work out why that’s going on.

I’m checking with the team about when your patrons will be processed but I don’t have a specific date for you at this time, I’m afraid. I will definitely keep you updated if that changes.