18+ Tiers?

I am hesitant to set my entire campaign to 18+/NSFW as I am not wholly creating NSFW content but I think it would be mutually beneficial to offer an 18+ (with age verification that goes along with the page setting) tier where that kind of content could be posted. That way the folx who are not interested in that content can sign up for a different tier, that tier could be self-contained, and no one gets blindsided by content they don’t want, or can’t sign up for any tier because of an age restriction.

I realize I can just set up an 18+ tier, I guess this request is more for the age verification option at the tier level as well as page level.

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Please note that if you have even only one NSFW tier all your patreon will be considered as NSFW and will have the same “limitations”

It would take more management effort, but you could create a new Patreon (or use a competitor like SubscribeStar) specifically for NSFW content. That’s probably the safest route to avoid the flag on your SFW page.

Thank you for clarifying. I knew that, I just erased it with a “what if.” I sometimes have the problem of getting a new idea midstream that effectively cancels out all previous information.

Where I can see that as an option for some, I don’t feel like I personally have enough NSFW content to warrant an entirely separate account. Which is why I was asking, here, if it was possible for Patreon to offer us the option of segregating just one tier with the age verification restrictions.

Technically, it will add a bunch of complexity for Patreon to sort out so it does seem unlikely.

Agreement with Lucy. It would require a massive reprogramming of the site mechanisms… U__U

My 3 top tiers are NSFW, and I have added this text to them (actually stolen from Brad Guigar, sorry Mr Guigar…):

“By selecting this option, you signify that you are over 18 years old and have the legal right to possess adult material in your community. You also signify that you have read this legal disclaimer.”

So my whole page is not marked as NSFW. But are you saying I must do so?

Well… You should ask Patreon support directly… the problem is that it simply does not exactly follow the rules of the site and the result could be, putting it under their attention, to have your page temporarily unpublished pending a review U____U

Torbjorn, Technically yes. If you have any nsfw content on your page you should be marking it nsfw in your settings.

I also wish there was a way to mark posts as nsfw instead of the whole page. All my tiers have nsfw warnings but I do have SFW only tiers! Buuut as per patreons rules, if you have any, you should be marked as nsfw as that is the only nsfw feature they have right now.


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If you don’t, it will probably be set to NSFW by Patreon at some point.

I sent a question about this to Patreon, and got a message that says my whole page must be set to 18+. So yes, they did it for me. Oh well. I guess it doesn’t matter. Those who support me knows what they’ll get anyway :slight_smile: