180% patron growth

@Jack_Conte shared a quick tip that helped his Patreon page grow by 180% for his music band, Scary Pockets!


Thank you @Jack_Conte. This is a really great idea and I honestly think I have a couple ideas for how to use this similar concept with my features to get new patrons.


fantastic to hear, Josh! Seriously, this is a great technique. We’ve found that “exclusive content” is highly motivating for potential patrons. The key is doing it in a way that is transparent, straightforward, and real. we got a great response from it, so i’m hoping it works for more people, too!


Oh this was just very useful!
I’m an artist and I upload comic pages online one per week, but Patrons are 4 pages ahead and they also get exclusive content. I just thought I could try this and share one or two pages from that exclusive content online and if they want to see the full content they just have to join Patreon.

I draw a long comic and side short stories for each chapter, so the short stories are patreon exclusive but after seeing this I realized… people don’t SEE anything of the exclusive stories because I never upload a sample online, so they have no idea that those exist (I do write it in the tiers and talk about these stories but if they don’t see samples… of course! They have no idea)

Now I feel stupid hahaha!


This is great. Great Idea for kicking off my Patreon page. Thanks for Sharing


Appreciate you taking the time to share. Thank you.


ah, you’re the best. thanks so much for sharing this with us. You continue to inspire. And after all, none of us would be “here” at all without your great idea and commitment to bringing it to life. I’m thankful for patreon every day, even if I’m still figuring out how to let it grow and grow my biz of song making. Have learned lots from you and Nataly. Grateful :slight_smile: