2021 Workshops, Events, and Lives

We have so many exciting workshops, demos, events, and lives coming in 2021!

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Patreon Demo - EU - English

Are you, or anyone you know, interested in learning more about Patreon and how to get started as a creator? Get a demo, ask questions, and chat with a member of the Patreon Creator Success team.

  • Get a peek of the patron experience

  • Learn how to set up your page and get suggestions on what to offer

  • Learn how to engage with patrons and track your earnings

Learn more & register here.


Turn your fans into happy patrons

Join Laura from Patreon’s Creator Success team as she walks you through what you need to know to confidently convert your audience to paying patrons, and keep them happy over time.


  • Fan-to-patron conversion rates — what can you can expect?

  • Meet the marketing funnel and learn how to use it.

  • Creative ways to promote your Patreon while staying true to you.

  • Tactics to keep your patrons happy over time.

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Think like a community manager

As a creator, your community is made of your most loyal fans and supporters. Because a community is made of people, it itself a living and growing entity that requires lots of special attention. Community management needs both direct influence and a hands-off approach, and an understanding of when, why, and how to apply these strategies. Join Jordan, Jane of all Trades for the Super Carlin Brothers, as she demystifies community-building and shows how you can wield the power of in-groups to grow and maintain your community.


  • What is community and why does it matter.

  • Starting, building, and growing your community.

  • Setting the tone of your community.

  • How to deal with change.

About your host:

Jordan has been involved in online communities since she was allowed to use the internet and has applied her on- and off-line community and leadership skills to online community management for more than a decade. She has managed community for the Super Carlin Brothers since 2017 and has been involved in the creation and/or moderation of at least 10 other online creator communities since (including the Patreon Discord server!). A creator in her own right, Jordan is also the Dungeon Master on her D+D Podcast - Late to the Party, in the WBNE network.

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