35 creators earned over $150K in 2016!

As we approach a new year, we wanted to celebrate some creators on Patreon who have taken their creative careers to new levels.

Read their stories HERE!

If you are one of these creators, congratulations! If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t give up. I truly hope that this inspires you to aim high and never lose sight of making a living doing what you love.

Cheers to a successful new year! :champagne:

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Very inspiring, Ellie. Thanks for sharing!

It’s interesting how all of them (with one exception? Is that ‘blog post’ one all text?) are making some form of broadcast or interactive media: video, podcasting, tv shows, games. I wonder how many visual artists or writers are making good money?

Well, there’s at least one artist doing very well for herself:

I can’t think of any writers that high, but NK Jemisin is doing well considering that she also has conventional sales from all her books:

I do agree that interactivity and certain types of community/media tend to produce greater engagement, though. I know of a creator who has made much more popular games than mine who created a Patreon account solely for his art: despite the fact that he’s a talented artist and definitely better known than me, his Patreon stayed at about $600.

The main commonality I’d see between the people on the list is that they’ve mostly been in the business for a long time and built a large audience before joining Patreon, though. =P

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Best writing income I’ve seen is actually Seanan McGuire, who keeps flying under the radar, at nearly $9k a month. But again, as with so many of us - she was able to leverage an existing fan base. https://www.patreon.com/seananmcguire

I routinely get stalled out at certain monetary milestones - we’re hovering at the $2,500 mark right now just like we did the $2k mark for a long time. If I’m going to up that, I need to diversify where I’m sharing content. I’ve be started a podcast and have been looking into sharing older patron-only video content on Youtube to draw more folks over.