5 data trends to help creators in 2021

The Patreon data science team took a good hard look at creator activity in 2020 and in this video @jackconte reveals the top 5 data trends to help Patreon creators in 2021 :raised_hands:

I took some notes for you:

0:30 - Donโ€™t be scared to try different mediums!
1:25 - Collaborate! Collabs went through the roof on Patreon in 2020!
2:44 - Your Patrons are loyal AF
3:27 - The market for creators is not oversaturated
5:17 - The creator economy is international โ€“ Fun fact: there are creators in over 100 countries making money on Patreon now!

Jack is making a ton of how-to videos with tips, tricks, and advice for creators. And he shares a lot of Patreon insights and data. Subscribe to his channel to learn more!

@reyna, with all due respect, instead of making videos, Jack should be focused on addressing the myriad of complaints and requests that have been made in this forum.