$99 bogus pledges

I read something online about $99 pledges that seem to be fake, but it was a long time ago and I assumed everything was fixed now. Can anyone else let me know if I should be worried about $99 pledges? (I dont have a tier for $99)


I would assume it’s one of those people who want to frustrate you by pledging some arbitrary amount, then, after a few days but before the pledge is booked from their account, remove the pledge again. In the meantime they had access to your content and can redistribute it through Youtube and other pirating-platforms.

It may be different, but I fear this is something we have to live with on Patreon. It makes cheating quite easy.


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The way I see this, Patreon isn’t a store. When you’ve got a three-year back catalog of stuff, a $1 pledge still grants access to all of it. This leads to all sorts of not-a-store kinds of scenarios:

Someone paying you $1/mo gets way, way more content for their buck than someone pledging $1 two years ago. Are they cheating?

Someone can even just pledge $1 right now, for a single month, and for that time get access to (and download) all of the content. You get $1, they get 36 items. In two more years, it’ll be 60 items. Are they cheating?

If you’re not fine with those things, then Patreon’s not the right tool. If you are, then it doesn’t seem much of a step to make all the content free, and just treat Patreon like a tip jar.

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No I have separate patreon awards. $1 gets you nothing on my page. All I was asking was if the $99 pledges are fake (a post a few years ago said similar)

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Hi, Michael,

like I said before (e.,g. here: Will new patron be able to see previous month’s post? ) I personally don’t see Patreon as a “store” of any kind - but it is absolutely possible to use Patreon in that way, if you just accept the additional work you have to go through (like “paying upfront” and removing/shifting older content constantly).
I guess if someone wrote a tool that handled “Patreon as a store” (with the mentioned functionality), that might be a seller.

But, again, I see Patreon as a tip jar in the best case - and still consider those goof payments an annoyance. In fact, I find those bogus payments way worse than giving my content away for free, which is exactly the reason why I have switched most of my content to “free” :slight_smile: