A/B Testing

I’d love a way to have two separate main pages and to be able to track their success separately. I want to try out changes to see if it increases my sign-up rate, but it’s hard to do a proper comparison unless I can run both at the same time.

hey there @michaelprescott, thanks for the suggestion. I love this idea! and I know of a lot of creators that would find it useful. We don’t offer this at the moment but I have a few suggestions that may help you test

  • You could experiment further up the funnel and see what drives traffic to your Patreon using bitly links and testing with copy
  • You could run polls to ask your fans what they would like to see from your Patreon
  • You could also message your current patrons and ask them what helped them make the decision to pledge
  • You could change the language in your tiers or greeting message for 2 weeks and monitor if makes a difference

Hope that gives you a few ideas for things to try :slight_smile: