A few quality of life features

During my time as a creator on Patreon, I’ve noticed a lot of small things that would heavily improve the service. Here’s a list of features I believe would be nice for creators to have:

Weighted polls: Sometimes when I’m doing a poll for my Patrons. I want to give certain benefits for the higher tiers. Having more voting power depending on your tier would be a excellent way to incentivize people to pledge higher.

Multiple polls in single post: Sometimes there are several questions I would like to ask my Patrons, but dividing it up in several posts just becomes a huge mess. So allowing you to put up more polls in a single post would help with this issue.

Early access for different tiers: I currently have it so my initial release for my game will be given 5 days early to certain tiers. 1 day early to another, and finally it will go public. But there’s currently no way to have it release at certain times for certain tiers. The only thing that currently exist is setting a time for when the post goes public.

Hide part of post for certain tiers: I have different versions of my game meant for different tiers. It would be nice if you could mark part of the post to only be seen by patrons of a certain tier or above. That way you could have all download links in a single post but still have it be restricted by tiers.

Give patron access to someone: It would be nice to be able to give someone access to a certain tier without them pledging said tier. Say if you’re doing a giveaway, you could have it so that a person gets access to the 5$ tier for 1 month. Now I understand you don’t want to allow creators to just freely give away tiers without anyone pledging. So it would be understandable to place some restriction on this. Perhaps how many you are allowed to give away each month, or how high you are allowed to give them. But there have been a few times where someone for instance have helped me with my game, and I wanted to give him a reward by letting him become a patron for a month.

Give more freedom to the appearance of your page: Now this one isn’t a small quality of life feature. I understand that something like this would probably take some time to implement. But allowing creators to more freely customize the appearance of their page would really help set themselves apart from each other. It would also vastly improve the user experience when browsing through pages.

If you’ve ever had a blog on Tumblr for instance. They allow you to customize the HTML and CSS (with limitations of course) so that you can have it look the way you want. For instance rearrange buttons, change color scheme, font and so on and so forth.


I second all of these.
Would be fantastic features to have.

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Thirded. If you want to do multiple polls i recommend surveyplanet.com - i’ve used them when I need to ask many questions in one post.
I’m not bothered about the appearance of my patreon page as I can do that with images, but I can see how it would be appealing. HOWEVER, it is not as important as say making it possible for patrons to look through a back catalogue of posts via a thumbnail page rather than the endless scrolling nightmare that there is at the moment. I want that so bad!


Fourthed, EXCEPT the last one would change the way Patreon works altogether, I think it would break the system here, so I’m not in on that one.