A good time of year to do a Patreon promo video

Hello all,

About a year ago I created a patreon trailer for my channel which boosted my Patreonage by a fair bit.

I think it’s about time I did another as I have added loads of rewards, Discord and of course Patreons branding has changed too.

Only thing is… is now the right time?

What are your suggestions, is it best to wait until after Xmas or shall I grab people whilst they are in the Xmas spirit?

Thanks in advance for your opinions

Just my two cents, but I would say that if you want to do it now, do it VERY soon, before December. Christmas is such a crazy time with so many voices competing, that your promo is likely to get lost, especially as you’re not a shop or similar service that has direct holiday relevance. But don’t do it right after the holidays either, when everyone suddenly stops spending and has holiday fatigue. February is a good time to launch new things again, I feel, because it’s a kind of dead point and it’s been winter for so long a lot of people are spending much time indoors, sick of the cold and dark, and desperate for something exciting. That’s how I see it, anyway!


Great suggestion, I am actually scripting it as we speak and may get this out early next week


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