A new ad/strategy I'm trialing for annual memberships

I’ve had to largely go on hiatus with my patreon due to picking up full time work, but I’m still doing creative things on the side and keeping my $2 “tip jar” open for those who want to support me. Thankfully I’ve been including in the annual membership roll-out, and $2 monthly with a 16% annual discount works out to a clean $20 annual subscription, so I’ve been pushing the “flat $20” idea with my recent promotions:

This is the only tier I have open, so I’m trying to keep it straightforward and push people just to this option. Next steps for me are to clean up my ‘about’ section to make it clear I’m still active and creating, and then reorganize my paywalled posts to be open for all $2+ members so that any new subscribers enjoy my full library of posts.

It’s surprisingly hard to find free stock photos of a $20 USD bill! I live in France now so I don’t have any USD on me so I couldn’t take my own pic. But anyway, the main point is that having a $2 monthly tier works out neatly to $20 annually with the full discount, so that’s what I’m focusing on promoting.

What do you think?


Pro tip, if you search on Google Images, click “Tools”, then “Usage Rights”, you can narrow things down often pretty quick. Wikimedia Commons Can have a great selection too. Here’s one: File:US20-front.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

I also found this interesting:

This image depicts a unit of currency issued by the United States of America. It is solely a work of the United States Government, [and] is ineligible for US copyright, and is therefore in the public domain in the United States.

I never thought about it, but that makes sense. I don’t know how that applies to other people’s stock images, or if it’s just scans like the one I linked to. But the more you know xD

I like the image you found better anyway, has more character.

I think it’s a great ad though! The visuals really help catch your eye, and the bill simplifies the concept. :slight_smile: I hope it garners you some interest :smiley: Good luck! ^^

This is very clever!! I wonder what other pledge tiers work out to nice, round numbers like that on an annual basis. Can’t wait until I’m eligible for annual pledges so I can try this out!

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This looks really cool! I hope you’ll keep us posted on your results!