A new way to deliver Merch to your patrons

Hey there creators,

Exciting news on the Merch front. We recently announced that Merch is now available to all creators charging monthly. We’re excited to announce that we have a brand new way for you to offer exclusive Merch to your patrons, and it’s called a Loyalty Program.

With Loyalty Programs, you can easily set automatic Merch milestones for 4 different items, fulfilled by us every 3 months, to keep your audience happy for an entire year as they continue to support your best creative work (because you won’t be at the post office).

If you’re already offering a Merch item on a tier and want to switch, simply retire the item and add a Loyalty Program! It’s great benefit for that higher-priced tier that you want to see more patrons stick around, rather than coming and going.

As you can see below, adding and editing artwork for your Loyalty Program is a breeze and you’ll only need artwork for at least the first item ready to go in order to add it to a tier. Check it out here to get started.

Patreon Team


YESSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this! This is awesome! Thank you Patreon team :smiley:

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Oh… I cheered too early. My top tier is still too low since I have to pick 4 items :frowning: I wish I could just send a sticker after 3 months and a mug or a shirt after 9 months. Right now it’s still not a fit for me unfortunately.

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Hey @ArtwithFlo,

We should exciting news on that front very soon, with a new item that has a lower price point than stickers, which should give you more flexibility when adding Merch to a lower priced tier.

Have you considered the possibility of adding a new tier for the Loyalty Program? Let me know. Getting new exclusive Merch every 3 months, seems like your patrons would be really really into that!


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That sounds good, looking forward to finding out what it is! And yes, I might have to consider adding a new tier :thinking:

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