A request for three tier functionality improvements

Essentially, there’s three tier functionality changes I’d love to see;

  1. The ability to have Patron-only posts for specific tiers instead of money amounts. The benefit for this is that some people have multiple selections for a reward tier, but they’re all at the same amount.

For example, you could have a $20 tier for a soundtrack for a video game, but also a $20 tier for exclusive art for the game, too. Currently, if we make $20 level posts, anyone in either tier gets access to both rewards.

Being able to split those up would allow for more flexibility in tier creation.

  1. The ability to reward backers for staying at a tier for an extended period of time. The benefit for this is that we could offer unique rewards for people who’ve stayed a while, and this also of course benefits us as creators too.

For example, you could have a reward like “If you cumulatively pledge $10 over time in any way ($1 x 10, $5 x 2, or $10 x 1), you get a copy of the game once it’s finished” (or a copy of the new album you’re making, or the new art book, or whatever other thing).

Being able to reward backers for sticking around would be a benefit to both parties.

  1. The ability to allow backers to pledge to more than one tier at once. The benefit for this is that sometimes tiers for some creators aren’t “cumulative” and instead have wholly different rewards, but since you can only pledge to one tier a month (and to my knowledge, if you were to say, pledge to the $50 tier then go down to a $10 tier in the same month, they aren’t charged for the $10 tier which is a problem unto itself, nor are they listed in your patreon backer list as having pledged to both tiers)

…it makes some people forced to pledge multiple months to get all the rewards (and forcing someone to wait is never good), or it makes it outright impossible for them to get all the rewards they want in a month and might miss out on one-time-only rewards.

Backers being able to support multiple tiers at once would again be a benefit to all involved and allow for greater flexibility for all involved too. (Something being done about the “pledge to a high tier then a low tier in the same month and get the low tier for free and without it showing up in creator info” would be great, too.)

I know putting new features on Patreon takes time, so I’m not expecting any of these to come in soon if at all, but having any of them would definitely improve things for a great many creators and supporters on Patreon :slight_smile:


hey @HentaiWriter, thank you so much for the thoughtful post and specific details about improving functionality. I’ll pass these notes to the product team to review and hope to hear thoughts around these tier suggestions from other creators too :slight_smile:

+1 to this. I think it is a really great idea. The more I can reward people for sticking with the show and helping it over the years, the better.

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I wanted to add my own +1 for this. Having this be a built-in feature, so you don’t have to manually keep checking how long each supporter has been with you, etc, would be awesome! :slight_smile: Great idea!


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