A reward that works great for filmmakers

Thought I’d just share a reward I’ve been using for the last year or so that’s worked out really well with my patrons.

For $5 they get the chance to be a “Beta Tester” for the next video. What this means in practice is they get to see a rough edit about 10 days before release and suggest improvements, problems and give feedback generally. I respond to each person and put their name in the onscreen credits regardless of whether I use their ideas.

And people love it! It’s the most popular reward and seems to encourage a lot more engagement with the video. I think it helps people feel they contributed to the project with more than money.

I’m really interested in hearing other ideas for engaging patrons - please share if you can!


This is such a great idea. Now I wish I was a filmmaker! ^^ I don’t have any place to put patrons names that I can think of. But this is even more than just put their names somewhere, very cool!


Cool idea! How often are you creating video content?

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