A survey for why patrons joined?

This month I posted some things to social media and then saw an increase in new patrons. I want to know what I did right. Which post made them want to join?

Do any of you survey or ask what made a new patron decide to support you? I was thinking about creating a simple, one-question survey (not sure which platform) and linking it in my Thank You message.

Has anyone done this? Is there a better way?



I wanted to follow up and show you guys some cool things I discovered and learned while trying to figure out what I did that led to more traffic to my patreon site and therefore more patrons.

I remembered that I had seen a post on how to add a Google Analytics Tracking ID to my patreon site which I did a few months ago but promptly forgot all about it.

Well, I went to https://analytics.google.com and started to dig around. Sure enough, there were two spikes from two different posts in the last 14 days:

Now, I don’t really know anything about this site but already this gives me insight by allowing me to track down what I posted on those two different days that made a difference in traffic.

But what I do is post the same thing through different social media outlets. So which one drove the most traffic?

I found the answer in the left menu of Google Analytics > Acquisition. I found even more detail by going to Acquisition > Social > Users Flow:

Here you can see which post the users went to (/posts/#####). Then what’s cool is you can see after they got there, some went to the /checkout page and some went to the /bepatron pages or other posts, etc.

I thought this was so cool. Some amazing insight!

What I Learned

Here is an example of what I posted: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6485271819153735680/

I said, "My patrons have access to the full Xcode project source files as well as over 50 other projects: https://lnkd.in/gJH_gut "

So out of all the people that clicked that link, about 23% of them continued to look at other pages of my patreon site including the /checkout and /bepatron pages. Then about 30% of that 23% continued further…if I’m reading this correctly.

What I’m going to do

For me, I think the people liked the animated presentation of my work. That caught their eye. Then they clicked on the link to find out more and saw the paywall post. Then 77% of them were like, “Eff this!” and left. So I’m thinking about another post where I give away the project and try to sell them more on the benefits of becoming a patron in that patreon post they navigate to.


This is really cool. We definitely talk to creators about using GA at the very least for this. It’s also good if you can look at your LinkedIn metrics (if that’s where you’re promoting) - it will show how many impressions you received and how much activity per post.

Also, think: did anything bigger happen around that time? Did anyone else share this? Did something else you did get people excited? I love knowing that animation really helped you – great insights for the future.


I just learned stuff here, thanks!


Thanks for sharing your learning!