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Hey guys! :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️
I’m new here, but in the last 25 days, I have launched my Patreon and gotten 40 contributors with $545.89 in the bank and $392 net donations committed per month.

How did I grow so fast, with only an audience of 550 on Facebook, 300 on Instagram, not a single episode of my podcast yet produced, and at very minimal out of pocket cost (literally, less than $40 total)?

Well, it’s actually quite simple and can be replicated for virtually anyone and any audience!

First, let me tell you what my Patreon is about (don’t worry y’all, there’s a TL; DR at the end in case you’re a skimmer).

I launched my Nat Park Stories Patreon to support my adventures as me and my pup travel in our home van to all the US National Parks for the next two years and create a podcast about the impacts of the Parks.
My podcast will be launching next month, but my adventures started just over a month ago when my Pup Rocky Road Trip and I left Illinois and headed for Alaska in our van! We have now been living in our van for over a month (here’s an update of how that’s been going!). :minibus:

We launched our Patreon in order to keep people in the loop and make them feel apart of the Nat Park Stories Tribe, as well as to raise some money to make this the best podcast and adventure possible!

Not even a month ago I launched the Nat Park Stories Patreon, promoting it to my friends and family, as well as people on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
The promotion ran for just over a week and promised that anyone that donated $1 or more would receive a personalized post card!
I put 10 into a FB & Instagram ad, bought a TON of postcards from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target, and Denali National Park (about 45 for about ``12), bought 40 post card stamps from the post office ($14). :love_letter:

It got a great response from friends, family, and strangers!
Currently 38 Patrons remain monthly, with a net donation of $392 every month.

This weekend I wrote up all those postcards and put them in the mail! It was tedious but SO worth it!

I am doing other fun reoccurring incentives, as well, which you can check out on my page. :slight_smile:

I hope this inspired you to do your own promotion!!

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback?
I’d love to hear them!!

TL; DR: I grew my Patreon audience to 40 contributors (almost $400 monthly) in less than a month by promising a personalized post card of my travels to every $1+ donation to my Patreon.

Summer :minibus:
Creator of Nat Park Stories


AMAZING! thanks for sharing Summer :clap:

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Thanks, Mindy! :slight_smile:

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That’s brilliant, congratulations! I certainly found that doing a promotion (or pledge drive) helped me earlier this year when anyone joining at $5 or over would get my patreon exclusive enamel pin. I might do a second one next year maybe. I’ve also seen people do print exclusives to patreon (although that’s a bit annoying to do since one would want to be a able to sell that print everywhere!).


Oh, that’s such a cool idea!!
Now that I have a Patreon Tribe, it would definitely be cool to do an exclusive print.
Maybe even use a postcard app to create postcards from my own pictures.
I like the idea of National Park enamel pins too… :thinking:
Thank you for the ideas! :slight_smile:



Where do you get your enamel pins made. I’d like to do them and am looking for best price/quality.




Hi there! I got mine done through made by cooper. I initially got soft enamel done with a resin domed finish. NEVER GET THIS. They were all scratched! Go for hard enamel and they look gorgeous, that’s what I got in the end. They took the scratched ones back thank goodness and let me have them redone as the hard enamel. Avoid epoxy resin domes!

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Hey! You should hit up my friend Stavros at https://welovetoexplore.com. He’s been doing the same sort of thing for the past year now and he is a wealth of helpful information… Tell him I sent you!

Good luck to you, safe travels, and have an amazing time!

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