A warning about offensive user

So I have emailed support and blocked this person but wanted to make sure other models didnt fall for this. The user is nbegin1417 and he paid $150 for the first month with me. He had snapchat access and after the first month he didnt pay and I had to chase him to make the payment. Then he started being very rude (calling me very bad things for no reason) I asked him to stop talking to me and even removed him from snapchat. He now adds a new user every few hours to snapchat just to insult me. This is a warning to all others just in case he adds a pledge to your patreon I would suggest he is removed!

His link:



sorry if I ask these questions, but I am unclear about what your warning actually means:

You say that the user did pay you 150 Dollar (!!!) for a month “with you” (which probably means he was a patron for a month and received whatever you provide for that tier) - and then, so you say, he did not want to support you for a second month (“after the first month he didn’t pay”), which I think we all have to live with. I have patrons hopping on and off all the time, and I have been here for a few weeks only.
Now the part that I don’t understand is that you are having a hard time with that user on some other platform (I don’t know what “snapchat” is, seems to be some mobile phone app judging from google - I don’t have an iphone or android, so I apologize for my ignorance). In what way is a problem with a user on another platform worth a warning to Patreon creators?

I mean - if I would warn Patreon creators or users about every client that has ever cheated me, stole my money or said bad things about me - I could flood this platform with warnings (having been in “business” for a few decades you sum up quite a bit of that).

Again, sorry if I misunderstood - but maybe you could make your “warning” a bit more clear in respect to its relevance to actual Patreon issues?



I am sorry that you are dealing with someone like that :frowning: Good choice to block them as usually, a website cannot make choices/bans based on something that happened on another website; it is simply not their jurisdiction. (I’d make sure you report them on Snapchat for the content there if you haven’t already.) If he was saying terrible things to you on Patreon though, likely Patreon staff can do something about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning!