A way to mass-edit tags

This is a little wishlist suggestion.

I love to organize my posts to make it as easy as possible for Patron to find what they’re looking for.

I frequently find myself missing an option to either delete a tag (without having to go through all 50+ posts that it’s used for and erase one by one) or to rename a tag!

It’d be amazing if that’s something that could be added.


Definitely something that’s been suggested a bunch as of late. I also would love this. Manually editing over 1k posts is just no doable without it.


Thank you for the suggestion @Kiri, there is definitely a need for creators to bulk edit all kinds of things: tags, tiers, posts, you name it! I will pass this request on as the team continue to think how we can improve content organization.


<< there is definitely a need for creators to bulk edit>>

In order to do this, we’ll have to also have the feature that many of us have been requesting for a long time: searchable posts.

I need a way to search my posts (not all of Patreon) to see which contain which content, for the purposes of grouping, or not accidentally re-posting what has already been posted, for example.


Yes. Bulk editing of tags, in particular, would be amazing (as sometimes, I change the name of a pattern so the old tag no longer applies!) :smile: