Ability to Change or Delete All Iterations of One Tag: "Batch Tag Edit"


Early on in my patreon I set up tags I thought I would use. They’ve only been used sporadically, and now I’d like to delete them to streamline my use of tags (Patreon is hard enough to navigate!)

In addition, I have multiple tags that I’d like to combine into one. For example I’d like to combine ‘marine’ and ‘underwater’ into my ‘aqueous’ tag. To do that currently, I need to go through every post with a marine/underwater tag, delete that tag, and add aqueous. This is laborious as hell.

Please help me save time!




Oh please! I would absolutely love this! I have a tag or two I’d love to rename.


I would absolutely love this kind of feature!

Over the years, my content has adjusted accordingly and the tags certainly need to be combined and redone. The ability to change a specific tag universally on all those posts would improve organization massively.

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I came here to say the same thing. I want to delete a tag from 334 posts!