Ability to Change or Delete All Iterations of One Tag: "Batch Tag Edit"


Early on in my patreon I set up tags I thought I would use. They’ve only been used sporadically, and now I’d like to delete them to streamline my use of tags (Patreon is hard enough to navigate!)

In addition, I have multiple tags that I’d like to combine into one. For example I’d like to combine ‘marine’ and ‘underwater’ into my ‘aqueous’ tag. To do that currently, I need to go through every post with a marine/underwater tag, delete that tag, and add aqueous. This is laborious as hell.

Please help me save time!




Oh please! I would absolutely love this! I have a tag or two I’d love to rename.


I would absolutely love this kind of feature!

Over the years, my content has adjusted accordingly and the tags certainly need to be combined and redone. The ability to change a specific tag universally on all those posts would improve organization massively.

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I came here to say the same thing. I want to delete a tag from 334 posts!

Hi everyone!

A small bit of news: we are actively looking into how we can improve content organization on Patreon, and tags are a big part of that.

Hopefully I have something more to share soon!

@Sherene Tumblr is a great example when it comes to mass post tag editing. The team could look at it as an example and build something that could work for Patreon in the future.


Oh, this is great!! Thanks @Onyichii :smiley: