Ability to choose a tier, then pledge more?

Hello everyone -

Not sure if this changed recently, but I believe this used to be a feature: Is there a way for patrons to choose a tier (for example, $10) and then edit their pledge to be MORE than the tier (for example, $12)?

I just tried to edit my pledge for someone I’m supporting, and I can’t edit the amount. It’s “stuck” at $10.

THE REASON I’D LIKE TO DO THIS: I ship a LOT of rewards, and I have a number of overseas patrons. I’ve asked them to add $2 to their pledge to help cover the costs of shipping (so the $10 level would be $12 for someone in Germany).

I’m certain this used to be a feature (maybe it still is?), because I have a number of people in the $10 level pledging $12.

Am I just being a dummy? How do I make this happen?



Oh gosh I hope this is still a thing. Some of my tiers work by being able to pledge more to them for extra goodies or different custom art or mentorship options. :confused:

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I’m still able to edit my pledges to creators. I wonder if there’s a certain setting that disallows it?

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Hey @lordsofthetrident, thanks for making this post!

This feature still exists, here’s a screenshot below of me pledging $20 in a $15 tier.

However! I did confirm that there’s a bit of weird behavior to ensure you’re paying the minimum price. Right now, you can’t edit the value if that edit would make the value fall below the minimum pledge. In other words, to change $15 to $20, you can’t do $15 -> $0 -> $20, but you can do $15 -> $1520 -> $20. Seems like it would probably be better if this field let you enter any number, and then does validation checks after the input loses focus or you try to submit the form. That would make it easier to edit pledge amounts than doing validation as the patron is still typing! I’ve passed this feedback onto the product team and they are in agreement :slight_smile:

Thanks again for raising this!


Ah! Gotcha. Just confirmed that worked. In our case of going from $10 to $12, we’ll want to tell the person to put their cursor to the left of the “.”, type $2 to make it $102, then delete the $0 to end up with $12.

Thanks for passing the feedback along to the team! :slight_smile: You rock! :slight_smile: