Ability to see page in "patron view"

I would love a feature that allowed creators to easily switch to “patron view” and be able to see their pages as different tiers/patrons would. This would help me customize and market my Patreon page so much better! Different patrons have to notify me if something’s off or they’re seeing something they shouldn’t be (sneak peek text, etc.). It would be so much easier if I could just see exactly what patrons of different tiers are seeing when they view my page.


From what I can tell, you just have to go to your page and it should be available. There should be a notice along the top of the page letting you know either you are looking at the patron view, or offering a link to go there.

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That’s true, there is that feature here:

But my request is specifically for a patron view that changes according to different tiers, since the patron view now has everything automatically unlocked and etc.! :slight_smile:


Ooooooh! Okay then!