Ability to see tier of scheduled posts?

I hope this hasn’t already been suggested and I just missed it when I scrolled through, but I would love to have the ability to see what tier I’ve scheduled a post to in the Scheduled page. Right now the Scheduled post page just shows the date, time, and title with the first sentence or so of the post itself, but it doesn’t show what tier(s) I’ve assigned it. It would be super helpful to know, at a glance, that I’ve scheduled something under the right tier(s) without having to go back into the edit mode to double-check. Thanks for your time and consideration!


I really agree! I hope I´m not just missing the way…but…
I need to see the tiers of my post in scheduled page, or manager or somewhere but not just editing!!

Also on post manager is any level specification…and this makes necessary to enter each post in order to see if it´s on correct tier.
It´s a lot of info there, as type of post , title and time of publication, views, interactions, ovations…but anything about tiers??? Really if I have to check in which tier I have to enter the post one by one???please…this is not logical!!!
I want also the post tier specification there!! please please please Patreon team!!!