About building up patrons

Guys please help me how do i get more people support . That is patrons.

Please don’t hesitate to reply. I’m new to this. So I need your all support and suggestions.

So just reply and let’s grow together!

For more check my other posts.

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You will find the most success by attracting your existing follower base. If you don’t have one of those then work in that first. Patreon isn’t a discovery platform (meaning people won’t find you here), you need to share with your existing audience, wherever that may be.


Yes. Got it sir. Thank you so much for your reply! :innocent: I will work on it.

Listen my podcasts when you find time. And give your comments. Google podcast


Thank you :innocent:

Hey @sundaresvar_P, we have a really great blog posts with tips to convert your fans to patrons! Check it out here:

Laura has also hosted a few workshops with great tips. You can check those out here:


Thanks mam. I’ll go through it. Tq so much :blush:

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