About my patrons

It’s seems like a lot of my patrons were new to Patreon when they started supporting me. (Their profile shows when they joined Patreon and it was often the same month they started supporting me and - at the time - I was their only creator).

Here’s a look at my 93 patrons…

35 joined Patreon to support me (38%)
5 of those currently now support more than just me (this speaks to the potential benefit of improvements in cross-creator discoverability).

Of my 93 patrons…

41 support just me
14 support 2 creators
9 support 3 creators
6 support 4 creators
4 support 5 creators
5 support 6 creators
1 supports 8 creators
2 support 9 creators
1 supports 10 creators
1 supports 12 creators
1 supports 14 creators
1 supports 18 creators

And 7 are fellow creators. (Of which I support one - so we’re both just giving Patreon and the CC processor 10 cents a month).

I’d be very interested in Patreon-wide stats like these. How many patrons support just one creator? How do stats vary based on the type of creator (podcasts vs webcomics vs cosplayers, etc) (all ages vs NSFW)?

Patreon may have business reasons not to publicly share this data but perhaps if other creators share stats here, we might be able to learn from each other.

About my page: i’m a all-ages webcomics creator. You can see it here.

— Steve


Thanks for sharing @steve. Most of my patrons are sole supporters as well. Of my 63 patrons it looks like

58 support 1 creator on Patreon (me)
1 supports 2 creators
2 support 3 creators
1 supports 7 creators
1 supports 9 creators

I make educational videos and most of my patrons who promote multiple creators also support other educational YouTube channels or podcasts. But there’s a decent amount of variety (cooking, music, social justice art/podcast) as well.

To me, one of the biggest takeaways from looking at this is that the creator is the number one factor driving conversion from fan to patron.


This is so interesting, thanks for sharing @steve! From our stats, I can tell you that 40% of patrons pledge to more than 1 creator, which we think shows a healthy community of people who support creators, which is awesome. $12 is the average monthly spend of a patron and I don’t think we have shared those figures when compared to the medium of a creator.