About Patreon Feedback 💌

The best place to get detailed Patreon help will always be to write to our friendly support team! They are up to date on things like bugs, new products releases, and areas that cause creators confusion. Their team are best set up to reply to you speedily, 7 days a week.

Myself and the community team at Patreon will always try to help you with anything you ask in this forum, but there are some issues (specific account help or financials) that you’ll always need to write in for support.

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i need a little support help pretty pease <3 i just made a post about my 2nd suspension before payout :{

@kittyxquinn let me check in with the T+S team and get back to you on this.

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Sweet a new $1 pledge went through so I am guessing I didnt get suspended but a warning. It is just the email looked just like the suspension email I got so it freaked me out waking up seeing I got that in the middle of the night. May I suggest labeling “warning” emails and “suspension” emails so we know what process in correcting the page we are in? I want to know exactly whats wrong with what Im posting as well. That way I can feel secure using Patreon platform. My bodypaint pic was my profile picture but it doesnt show any of my parts and thats art! The only other public pics I had were with costumes that are bootylicious. Does that I mean I cant even make any public posts in bikinis? I didnt know a woman in a little outfit (NOT IMPLIED NUDE) is so adult? I just am so nervous my page keeps getting tinkered with and its made my income drop soooo much after 2 years work I feel like I am about to loose my last couple hundred I have left on there…

I’m so sorry for the confusion and stress around all this. I’m passing your feedback on to the T+S team about the difference between a warning email and a suspension email so we can hopefully improve and limit the upset it causes.

I’m not on the T+S team so I’m afraid I can’t speak to the guidelines about what is or not allowed; I’d keep talking with the person you’re working with to get full clarity.

Testing to see if I can reply. Nothing to see here!

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Patreons of mine got this link ‘via Patreon’…
Telling them they could no listen to my music via divers channels… (or something like that),
and I honestly… don’t know what this is about? Did I miss something?