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I am trying to embed my Patreon subscription page into my wordpress website but can’t find a way to do it.
I have tried using iframes but Patreon seems to block that.

Please can you help?

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Hi, I am confused with tier benefits and the patreon access to content. Basically I want to create two tiers. Each tier patreon should have access to the content I have created for that tier across all history. I tried to read all tutorial but still consused how to set up the tier. What benefits I should add to the particular tier?
Thank you for help.

Hey there, Reyna thank you for being here to help. I’m having some issues with the Patreon Discord bot. I’ve never seen it online once and from being a Discord server developer bots can’t do what they’ve been programmed to do unless they’re online. Now I don’t program bots but I do know that bots don’t run if they haven’t been tested or if the code has an error. Now I don’t mean to call Jack Conte’s programming false because he’s amazing but I think he should give it another check. Please fix this so in the future my moderators and I won’t have to manually dish our roles. The bot doesn’t serve a purpose on the server if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. So once again, please put it back online. Thank you for reading this message.

I have pay upfront, and have experienced several times that I get notifications in my Android app, and sometimes also by email, telling me I’ve got a new pledge from a new patron. But when I check, they are not there anymore. They have pledged, paid, and left the building, so to speak. I guess it is people wanting to grab my NSFW stuff, and that is okay by me as long as they pay for the art.

However, I have discovered that I sometimes get notifications about a new pledge, but when I check they not only have left, but I cannot see that they have paid either. How is this possible as long as I have pay upfront? I check under Income > Current balance, and the amount has not changed.

Is it possible for someone to pledge, get access to the material, and then leave quickly before the payment has gone through? That is theft. Is it a way to stop it?

someone bought my 1 month three 3 dollar tier and the website said i can get my money on 29 november but when i go to payouts it says 0 dollar
Please help

how can i use the annual subscription option with savings for my patrons.

Hey Reyna! We’re not sure our Patreon Member count is accurate. It jumped significantly the other week without any reflection on income. FAQ doesn’t have anything on this, can you help?

I want to know when Patreon is going to fix the comment section, the comment loading feature is very slow and cumbersome, loading 10 comments at a time when you have 200 or more its tedious reducing the engagement between patrons and creators.no bueno.

I found one of my patron missing and the donation tier they give missing to. But i m not finding any notice on delete pledges.

Why my patron missing?
Can i m still get the donation they give? Cuz total found i get drop to

Sorry if this the wrong place to ask and sorry if my English language bad.

Hey guys. So I am setting up a crowd funding for new gear trough patreon. I have created a separate patreon account. I want to set up an end goal of 30k. Sadly I am only able to set up a monthly goal. Is there any way to set up a total goal ?

For my mistake, I created my patreon page in the adult category. So giving notification as “you are 18+?” when I visit my page.

How I can get my page in the regular category?

You can write into our support team explaining what happened and they can assist you: Submit a request – Patreon Help Center

Thank you very much.

Hi @Hayley im pretty interested in Facebook Pixel Program. What is new about this?

Also, i would like to get help to boost my patreon page. We think we are doing a really good content but something is escaping us. Where can i get help?

Thanks in advance