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I’m confused about posts. When I make posts for my patrons, they receive an email with the content of the post. That’s great. However, below my content, the email includes a button which says “View on Patreon”. That doesn’t really make sense in my case, because I put everything I wanted to say to the patron into the post which got emailed.

Worse yet, if they do click on that “View on Patreon” button, a web page pops up that says, “Unlock this post by becoming a patron” (unless they happen to be already logged into Patreon). That doesn’t make any sense, because those emails went only to patrons — why is it asking them to become patrons? This is not just confusing to me, but it’s confusing to my patrons.

Am I missing something? Are other people getting this same confusion, or am I doing something wrong?

How can I get rid of that “View on Patreon” button in the emails? If I can’t, how can I cause the landing page they get to ask them to log in instead of asking the patron to become a patron? Any light shed on how to improve the patron experience in this case is much appreciated.