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Thanks to Dina Rodriquez’ sharing her experience with her one-month challenge last fall, I put together a month-long 31 Days to Fingerstyle Mastery Guitar Class in January which consisted of daily video lessons, pdfs, .mp3s that were delivered in scheduled Patreon Posts and were supported by email and (4) weekly video check-ins using Zoom. I attracted 3 students, which was the perfect amount for testing this strategy for me.

There is one bit of “strange” in the process, which is that people can’t sign up as a Patron for the actual level ahead of time without being charged twice. And that meant that I wasn’t certain who or how many students would actually take the plunge until January 1st arrived.

As a result of the positive feedback from those participants, I have created another month-long skill-based class in a similar vein for Mountain Dulcimer players called 30 Days of Dulcimer Joy which we run during the month of April. This time I created a Registration Form on my website which lets the people sign up and introduce themselves to me ahead of time. Some have become patrons at a lower level until the Special Tier goes live on April 1. 30 Days of Dulcimer Joy

That change has already produced more Advance sign-ups as last time and there is still a week to go.

My promotion is through my Patreon Page, Twitter, FB and Instagram and my various email lists, as well as word-of-mouth.

The skills I learned in the beta project for Special Offers last September have helped me tremendously.

One thing I also learned is that I need to grab a screen shot of the number of Patrons and the total income at the height of the enrollment at the beginning of the month because that is both social proof (and personal validation) AND, when things returned to “normal” at the end of the month, after the class is over, some many continue as patrons (an invitation I offer) but most will likely not, and it IS deflating to see the total lower…but so far (knock on wood) it hasn’t lowered below the level it was BEFORE the class.

The other thing for me to remember is to keep posting for my current patrons at their level and not only focus on those taking the class.

Midstream update for the Marketing Phase: I now have 10 People signed up for this class! (3 just signed up tonight.)
One of the things I did was film answers to some questions I’d been getting about Patreon and post it on my overview page: https://www.patreon.com/steveeulberg/overview
Another was to ask my partner in my DulcimerCrossing.com on-line dulcimer school to mention the class in the weekly Thursday newsletter. Well–it was FEATURED today, rather than just mentioned.

I had sort of relaxed on my daily social media posts in order to let it rest and now it is time to ramp it up with the 3-2-1 days to go messages since the class begins on Monday!

Update, day before we go live: 17 Registered!

I managed to gain quite a following by adding eye-catching images to the webcomic site which included text within it to let people know some of the rewards they can get. I gained approximately 25 new subscribers in about a month, that’s close to one person each day! :heart: :star_struck:

https://www.patreon.com/LeilaniOtter (adult comics, both writing and art)