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Definetely, @ellie. Reading what you wrote, I remebered something that’s been bugging me for sometime, but I don’t know how to transform this into a topic =P There’s a powerful and wonderful thing that each creator on Patreon has (and I’m not sure if everyone is aware of this or thinks the same), when creates his/her page and promotes it to the world: is that each and every single page can work as a good promoter of Patreon it self or, it’s total opposite, work as a bad promoter of this amazing platform. That’s how powerful each individual page is.
For now, I don’t know how can it be a topic - or if it deserves more discussion - but, well, it’s written here =)

(ok, maybe I just came up with a topic now that can bring this up :wink: )

Diogo! This is really interesting.

Every creator page on Patreon is also a representation of Patreon itself. This is so very true and I’m curious to know what interests you the most about this topic. Are you hoping to learn new tactics for communicating what Patreon is to your community? Or are you wondering whether or not there is a correlation between your ability to promote Patreon and the amount you’re earning?

Let me know if I’m on the right track at all! :slight_smile:

Yes, of course you are on the right track - specially when you wrote:

to learn new tactics for communicating what Patreon is to your community

It makes sense for every creator to think about their very own project - it’s enough work already!.
My point is, I believe (and this is valid for future creators and patrons) that people only engage in a new project if they trust it. And that, 1st impressions do make the difference.

When someone knows about Patreon for the 1st time, he/she can have a wonderful impression (by finding a successful page) or terrible (by finding a dead or not sucessful at all page). I had that experience with many friends/artists (before I launched my page) that, unfortunately, met bad examples first - are now they are patreon-non-believers.

Of course, this is impossible to predict and control - Patreon is for everyone and it’s great that way - but if, somehow, we could encorouge creators to share pages they like (if they like them it’s because their successful in some way), that way, those would be the projects that would stand out and present Patreon to the world.

Now that I write/think this, it would be like featuring creators but - instead of doing it in the Patreon Site section, it would be done by every creator, in his/her own space.

That would be great for Patreon project, and actually, great to all creators too (even the ones that happen not to be featured by anyone) because it would present Patreon mainly as a sucessful platform than a tough/strange/difficult/hard to work platform.

When faced with this idea, creators fear that, by doing so, they could lose patrons to other creators - that can happen but, if a patron is happy, I doubt he/she would leave. What they fail to see is that, there will be much more patrons for everyone, more creators and, most of all, that projects like Patreon make sense and are a wonderful thing to everyone.

(I guess, this is what I meant) =)

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'ello 'ello, my names jefrey, writing from brooklyn, just about to launch my patreon and was curious any pointers as to how you launch the first release? I’m doing PER CREATION and have a new album “jefinitely!” I’m gonna be releasing a song per month.

Wanted to ask advice, specifically - I first send out email/texts to friends to sign up AND THEN (?) release a song so that I get paid for that? Or do I have, say, one song up so that when they sign up there’s something waiting for them? Then following on from there?

deep thx!

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Hi! Thanks for the post!

It is a bit too late to respond but for newcomers I would still comment that I personally prefer to see something on the profile - a free sample can be of help also. It is much easier to make the decision then. Less concern on whether the finance has been used wisely.

Triin S.

if, somehow, we could encorouge creators to share pages they like (if they like them it’s because their successful in some way), that way, those would be the projects that would stand out and present Patreon to the world .”

I really like this perspective! Truly!

After my brother recommended Patreon to me and I took some time to look closer into it, I have got pretty excited about its overall potential.

Now reading the post you wrote made me wonder: Would my overall idea with what I decided to start out in Pateron with, work out the way you have mentioned? The full structure may not be so visible right away, but one example I can bring is a free sample of a media-letter: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sample-letter-38348326

There are Patreon users behind media nr. 21-21 and 51-41. The media number is also a link leading to a links gallery where Patreon profile links are also found.

I even slightly wondered whether it would be nice to recommend Patreon for some good creators, though the way how to do it is also an art of its own I believe.

I’m curious for some feedback. I have personally started to like Patreon so far, have been working long behind the content by now but planning to focus more closely on marketing this month.

Best wishes!
Triin S.

Affiliate marketing - I would like to offer my fans an opportunity to bring in new fans and give them a cut when they do, I need Patreon to automatically handle this, like allowing me to give affiliates a link they can use for their friends or fans and Patreon would register where said person comes from and then compensate said affiliate on a monthly basis for as long as they themselves remain on Patreon and that the new Patron stays with me. This should be extremely simple for you to set up and a very effective tool for us as creators to entice our fans to become the best possible ambassadors for us.

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