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looks like there’s no way to start a conversation anymore - I can’t work out this new style at all!

How are you getting on with the offers you were suggesting were coming along for new membership programs. I thought it looked good, but I’m probably going to get bored waiting and have to find somewhere else to go.

Feedback: Scheduled Posts and Links to same

It would be sweet to be able to grab the link to a Scheduled post and drop it into another post (e.g. a link from a lower tier post to a higher tier post, even though both are scheduled) but the link seems not to exist until the post goes live.

Feedback: Inline images

Would it be a major hassle to give us rotate tools in the inline image function? Sometimes even though an image seems correctly oriented in my workspace, it shows up in the post in a different orientation . . . .

THANK YOU :):slightly_smiling_face: