About those "helpful" e-mails with tips for a successful launch

While it’s nice to get e-mails with advice on how to get the best out of Patreon (even though I read through most of the advice in the Help Center, there’s always something I haven’t thought of), I’m not sure every aspect of it has been thought through completely.

I spent a couple of weeks building my page before I finally launched it, and was pleasantly surprised to get 70+ patrons within the first 24 hours. So it was a bit confusing to receive, the next day, an e-mail saying, “We notice you don’t have any patrons yet…”

Just this morning – nearly three days after launch – I get an e-mail with the subject line: “Step 3: Our hottest tips for a successful launch tweet.” This is how it begins:

You’ve already reached out to those closest to you via text, email, and Facebook. Now it’s time to expand your reach with Twitter.

Well, actually, I’ve already reached out to as many people as possible via Facebook, YouTube and, yes, Twitter.

So, I’d like to suggest the following:

  • There seems to be some sort of bug or glitch, in that the system didn’t notice I had patrons when it told me I didn’t.
  • Rather than confidently telling me, when the automated e-mailing system clearly has no way of knowing, “You have done X, but you haven’t done Y,” consider rewording the text to say, for example, “If you haven’t already done Y, now’s the time to do it.” It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference. By all means remind people of things it’s possible they may not have thought of, but don’t make definite statements that aren’t going to be true in most cases.
  • Maybe telling people you’re giving them tips on how to launch successfully days after launch is likely to be seen as a bit… strange?

I will say that the e-mail contained some useful information (the statistic that each tweet will only be seen by about 5% of your followers is a crucial point); I just wonder how many people who have launched successfully and tweeted about it will get past the first paragraph.


Hey Andrew! Thanks for this - yeah that certainly sounds like a weird experience.

From what I understand our system is (when it works properly) a little more sophisticated than that… so this may be a bug between our app and our notifications system.

It also may be the older version of something we’re slowly deprecating. We realized exactly what you’re saying - that this is not necessarily the kind of advice creators actually need.

I know exactly who to ask and will check this out. Thanks for laying it out clearly!

Growth Product Manager

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Ah, thanks – good to know you’re working on it.