Access to Patron RSS URLs

It would be incredibly useful as part of the new Patron management tool if we could copy the URL of a Patron’s unique RSS feed URL. I get so many requests from people who lose it when moving apps or devices, or who can’t find it to begin with. Normally I can guide them to find it but the experience would be so much better if I could just reply with their URL to copy and paste.

As an example, I once Skyped a Patron who was, shall we say, not very tech savvy, to help them locate the RSS URL. They were very grateful, but I was let grateful to Patreon for not giving me a way to just paste the URL in an email to them.

Thanks so much for considering this feature request!


Dear Nate, and how do we get that RSS feed, please, wher do we copy it from? Email;

The RSS feed for a Patron can be accessed by that Patron by going to the Overview page of a Creator they support and looking for the link to their private RSS feed.

No joke, this is something I get a DM or email about at least twice a week for years! There should be a way to access that supporters unique URL from the Relationship Manager and just send it to them! If they arent able to figure out how to get it, then it usually means that Im going to be going back and forth with multiple messages trying to show them :frowning: Would be much easier to have the ability to just send it to those who cant figure it out! I often send the official Patreon help page but usually to no avail!

Or better yet improve the UI to make it easier for patrons to find the URL and then know what to do with it. It would not be hard to make buttons that say “subscribe in Apple Podcasts” or “Subscribe in Downcast” to allow users to add their patron feed to their podcatcher with one click. A feed does not need to be in a directory to support a subscribe link. Most of the apps have URL parameters that can trigger the app automatically in your mobile phone.