Account Under Review - No explanation given

Hmm. So apparently my account is under review. No email or any notification saying WHY or if it’s just a general check or something. Just a little note on my payout page that its under review. When I go to check out the “learn more” button, it tells me that its -my- responsibility to email -you guys- if i need assistance, need to ask why, need my money sooner, etc. I’m mind boggled as to why someone wouldn’t get an email notification about whats up. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t create more work for you guys because most folks i know will immediately email that email asking why -anyways- so why do we not get info about whats happening with our accounts? @mindy

I thought this sort of thing was supposed to have an email notification or something to the user of said account to explain whats up? (And yes i’ve checked all my junk boxes in my email just in case.) I’m finding this to be really crappy without some further explanation or an expected time frame. My income is on hold because of this and saying nothing about why is incredibly shady. :confused:

I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not going to get a suspension notice without an attempt to talk to me and allow me time to fix the problem. (And actually stating what the problem is, not just the “you are in violation. plz fix” which is ridiculous and i’ve had two of my friends have this issue in the last few weeks from you guys without your staff so much as even stating what the violation was in any useful way that can allow someone to actually fix the problem, in the initial email. )

Crossing my fingers hard as i’ve already gone through all my 1K+ posts when suspensions started happening the first time to ensure i wasn’t in violation of the rules and none of my tiers/goals are against the rules either as we’ve had in depth discussions about whats okay and not in terms of those, here.

Here’s hoping.

Hi @Temrin, thanks for the message and sharing this feedback. It sure does sound like we could improve this process to give you more insight into what is going on with your account. Let me work with the team and get back to you, hopefully today but I’ll let you know know if not. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

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Hey Mindy, thank you so much. I just got an email saying that everything is in order.

Also thank you for taking these notes to the other staff. It’s really hard when you get no information about why something is happening and it’s directly affecting your business.


Happy to help, @Temrin. I can understand that — I’ve asked if there’s anything we can do to provide more information upfront to improve this process. It may depend on the reason why an account is being flagged and how many get flagged daily.

I can understand that it’s not something easily manually done with large volumes, though many companies will have copy and pastable responses that include the most popular reasons why and send those to at least give some kind of idea. Like parts that say something along the lines of “your account was flagged for breaking x guideline” or “we take the time to review all accounts now and then. This is just a general review to ensure our guidelines are being followed” yada yada. Maybe that’s something that could be done.