Add "Cancel Date" to CSV export. Due to recent change, now unable to distinguish "Former patrons" with debt from "Declined patrons"

I’m guessing that this change coincided with that announced in the Updates to your patron count display numbers post.

I just exported a CSV with all active and declined patrons and noticed that there suddenly were a lot more than last time. Looking into it, it seems that all patrons who have deleted their pledge, but had a ‘declined’ status when they did so, are now given the status of “Declined patrons” instead of the “Former patrons” as it was before.

This problem also persists in the relationship manager. When filtering on declined patrons, I now get a whole bunch of people who cancelled their pledge over 2 years ago. I want to message those who recently had their pledge declined, not those who already decided to cancel. But now there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to get this list without looking through each patron’s payment history individually.

Can you please add the “Cancel Date” column from the relationship manager to the CSV export?

If that is not possible:

  1. How can I filter the relationship manager to show patrons with a declined pledge who did not cancel their pledge?
  2. Or can there perhaps be another status in the export, between “Declined patron” and “Former patron”, for this specific group?
  3. Or just go back to how it was, list them as “Declined patron”?
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