Add Patreon to your Soundcloud profile

I wanted to share some good news for musicians from Soundcloud.

After previously rolling out a number of support initiatives – including offering its SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription for 50% off through March 30 and providing access to Twitch’s Affiliate program – on Thursday (April 2) SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor announced a plan worth $15 million to support creators during the shutdown, as well as initiatives designed to bolster their careers long-term.

Beginning Thursday, SoundCloud creators have the option of adding a special button to their profiles that were designed to facilitate direct fan support via Kickstarter, Patreon, Bandcamp, Paypal and more.

Additionally, the company is now giving away all of its Promote on SoundCloud inventory (valued at $5 million) for free. Each week, five creators who tag their SoundCloud uploads with the hashtag #GetMorePlay will be selected by SoundCloud’s editorial team to feature with promotion.


Thank you, @mindy — that’s a great top tip. Just added mine:

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