Adding a new podcast to business & deciding whether to make a separate Patreon or not

Hey there! My husband and I run Lightheart Adventures, which is a small company where we provide weekly blogs about the tabletop RPG industry. He’s also a cartographer and dungeon designer. Our Patreon is set up with reward levels around downloading the maps he makes, and downloading pdf versions of these monthly posts he makes that are one-shot adventures for games like D&D.

I’m about to start a podcast as a subset of the business, and I can’t decide whether to create a separate Patreon for the podcast only, or whether to combine rewards with the current Patreon. I’m torn because our current supporters would enjoy the podcast and the benefits I could offer with it, but it feels like I’d just be giving more perks away “for free” if I add the ability to ask questions for the interviewees ahead of time, or things like that.

I feel like it would be a pretty big variety of content if we offer maps, adventures, and podcast perks all in one Patreon, but I don’t want to alienate our current fans by saying thanks for your support, but you’d have to join this other Patreon too if you want the podcast perks. Should I make podcast-only tiers? Should I suck it up and give the current patrons the podcast perks I’m thinking about? I’d love your thoughts!

I would keep it as one Patreon, that gives one place to guide fans to support you, and makes your workflow more sustainable.
If you were going to add rewards for the podcast I would add them to your $10 tier, you do give a lot of rewards out. The other option would be as you said a new tier. If you are just getting the podcast started I would just add one new tier for the podcast at $6 or higher, just do one of the ideas to start and you can always add new rewards down the road.

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Welcome to the forum @Ketra and @dearestscooter! :tada:

@Ketra - love that you’re starting a new benefit and want to keep things easy for your patrons! I agree with @dearestscooter, keeping everything in one Patreon would more simple for you, as the creator. The launch of your new podcast is actually a great segue to revamp your tiers and restructure your Patreon. You can offer new tiers with different benefit packages at different savings prices.

For example:
Tier A includes maps and adventures for $6
Tier B includes the podcast for $6
Tier C includes everything for $10

That’s one way to revamp! You can also keep your tiers as in and run a special offer to kick off new tiers with podcast benefits.

I hope this helps! We have a ton of blog posts and workshops all about revamping, let me know if you need help finding any :slight_smile:

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