Adding discounts to patreons or tiers based on membership time

I wish there could be implemented a system that allows you to add discounts to your tiers if a patreon has ben subscribing for a specific amount of time… It could work either on an individual level, where the creator picks who can get a discount, or have a preset automatic discount given out to a tier whenever patreons have been subs for x amount of time.

This could greatly increase patreon retention by telling them that if they stick around they will get a discounted monthly price at some point. I think this is so basic that im puzzled why its not a thing already. Every company survives by the “buy more save more” strategy.


I remember that, when I first subscribed, there was an option to set a “refund” of the pledge as reward for patrons…

Yes there is, but im not interested in refunding patreons their pledge, but giving them a discount price every month they stay as a patreon.

Yes, this seems like a good idea to get more Patrons, and retain the current ones! People love discounts, and it would make some difference for sure.

Hey @FLASHnMODELS, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. Sadly we do not support gifting or discounts. It’s something we’re asked about often and we’re always exploring options but I don’t have any updates at this time. We’ll make a big, exciting announcement if/when this happens!

youre asked about it often, but you refuse… hmm. let that sink in for a moment.

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