Adding "Rewards"

I am SURE this is in here somewhere, pardon my VERY LAZY self for not doing a huge deep dive to find it, but:

Are there plans to implement / is there an easy way to include “add on” rewards. For example, a patron expressed interest in running lines with me; I’d like to make this an optional add on for the patrons instead of creating another tier or adding it to an existing one. I don’t think there is an easy way to do that. I believe Patrons would have to either tier up or manually adjust their pledge and I would have to stuff another perk into an existing level.

So my question is really twofold:
Is this on a docket?
and while it’s either being worked on or just not going to happen:

What would fellow Patrons suggest? What’s the least obnoxious user experience for this, for me AND Patrons?

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Thanks for the idea @hackettkate!

I’m going to tag-team in @buster from the Patreon product team to reply your questions and take your feedback to the rest of the team :slight_smile:

Hi Kate! If I understand correctly, you’re asking for a sort of ala carte benefit of sorts, that can be granted to patrons who are willing to pay a bit more above the tier’s default amount? It sounds pretty useful to me, especially to creators that are interested in doing lots of experimentation with tiers (like you). If that’s what you’re asking for, I think it could be solved in a number of ways… one way to solve it would be to allow patrons to join multiple tiers. Another way would be to build a way for benefits to be opt-in and to have an incremental price on the tier. A third way is to do it as a 1-time transaction. There’s nothing immediately on the docket for this, but they all speak to use cases that are in the general direction that we’re going with more flexibility around pricing and benefits. I’d love to hear more too, to make sure I’m understanding your request correctly.

In the meantime, I’m not sure what I’d suggest as a work-around. Manually adjusting your pledge might be the best of the available options, but it would then be on you to track who was in that bucket somehow. Having a limited time tier that is basically the base tier + the added perk could work too if there were only a small number of add-ons available. But wouldn’t scale.

I’d love to hear other ideas or suggestions that you and other people have as well.

That’s exactly right! All of those options sound interesting – I think you have a handle on what I’m trying to do. :slight_smile: