Additional Contact Information (phone number) - feature request

I would like to suggest that contact number information should be added (optional, not required to all creators) in their shipping information page.

Due to covid-19, many post offices around the world struggle to send packages. It would be very helpful for the patrons if their contact number is also included (they can get notifications / text messages from the post office about pick-up). As a creator, it is a struggle for me to always put their contact number individually. I currently have 350 patrons now and it has been challenging to manually add the numbers.

I hope that this feature will be added and reconsidered in the future.

Thank you Patreon!


It’s also required for some of us. If I fill out an international form on canada post online or in app, it -requires- the recipient phone number.

I can only get around it if I do international forms by hand and that requires having to go into the post office to get them which is difficult to do right now and even in general sometimes.

Online forms are much quicker with higher volumes of items needing to be sent, on the creator and postal worker side of things.


Thank you for surfacing this, @rainbowholic! I’ll definitely make note and share with the team.

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we’ve received a lot of returned packages partly because there wasn’t contact info added. i hope patreon will consider our request! would be very helpful for all, especially during these times.

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thanks Reyna for the help! hoping that patreon team would consider! ^^