Addresses/Patron Manager

Hi guys!

I have found this frustrating MANY times when looking for someones info. Instead of having to go all the way into patron manager to find a persons address, why not find it here?

Seems ridiculous that if I click on a person who supports me that their address info isn’t in this part too. Don’t you think? Now I have to go all the way to patron manager, then search his name in order to get it. It would make more sense to have it here as well as in patron manager.


Not just address, but email address and Discord ID as well.


I completely agree!!! Having this info would be exceptional. I’m spending way too much time trying to find addresses! I mail stuff to our patrons… This should be a no-brainer, folks!

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Right? It really should be par for the course.

Yes! Totally agree! I hate having to look them up through the Relationship Manager

Totally! It’s so frustrating!