Adult coloring pages forced "site contains adult content" flag

I added some coloring pages as a reward, and used the term “adult coloring pages” in keeping with the explosion of content of this name. There is absolutely nothing even rated PG about them - it’s pages of country names, flags, croissants, etc.

Patreon automatically flagged my page as containing adult content, and I haven’t received a single new Patron since. I’ve written to support asking for the flag to be removed of course, but no response yet.

Look at this entirely representative sample:

You can see that it’s perfectly safe for all audiences.

Please remove the flag asap, it’s back to school season, my best moment of the year.

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What an unfortunate misunderstanding :woman_facepalming: I hope you get a resolution very soon – if it’s helpful at all, using “coloring for adults” or “for grown-ups” or even “all ages” could be less confusing for other sites and search engines as well. I steered clear of the term you’re using when I put out a colouring book to avoid this very thing. You teach French so I’m sure you’re familiar with “de 7 à 77 ans” :slight_smile:

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Hi Joumana, thanks for responding. It just never occurred to me that there was an automated system in place looking for the word “adult.” I think “adult coloring books” is the generic term; saying “for grown ups” feels silly to me.

Fair enough!

Support, please look into this. I’m losing money. :frowning:

@lklawless thank you for raising this issue, let me check in with the team on this today to see what we can do to improve this situation.

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Thank you. I removed the word “adult” since it doesn’t really matter for me, but the flag remains. I hope this can be fixed very soon, there’s just no reason for it to be considered “unsafe” content.

Your account has had the flag removed and someone from the team is reaching out to you to answer anymore questions you may have. We’ll be sure to work on this to ensure others aren’t flagged in a similar way as adult coloring pages are a very popular thing :slight_smile:


Thank you!