Advanced features in the Acast integration

Acast Advanced features

Most importantly, the Acast integration is completely free for Patreon podcasters.
No strings attached, no time limits or caps on your content. Acast believes in their suite of tools for podcasters for hosting/distribution and advertising. If you have a good experience using their free integration for your private, patron-only feeds, you may be interested in what they have to offer for hosting your public show and monetizing through the Acast advertising marketplace.

No matter what, you have access to advanced analytics that Acast provides, and is an area where Patreon was not able to provide any insights to podcasters.

  • Acast’s analytics dashboard can tell you how your downloads have changed over time
    – by episode
    – across phone operating systems
    – podcast apps
    – time of day
    – and countries

It’s a wealth of information that can help you better understand your patron base and what content is best resonating with them.

A key benefit if you do choose to use one of Acast’s paid plans to host both your public show and your private feeds is that you can provide your patrons with a combined feed of all of the content they have access to. Your public show continues to have a feed for just those episodes, but any patrons can get an individualized feed that includes all of their episodes, both public and patron-only, so they get a single, clean feed.

That wraps up this series of tips about the Acast integration. If a live walk through and Q&A are also of interest, come join us for a creator workshop about the Acast integration on Thu December 17 at 11a PT.

Click here to sign up for the free workshop.
If you can’t attend live, a replay will be available after

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