Advice for people in multiple industries?

Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who actively works in multiple industries?

I’m an actor/writer, but I also produce my own films, and video games, and work professionally in television.

I think all three areas are interesting, and would be helpful to others who may be wondering how to break in, or just follow along on these projects, but I also feel like it would very quickly appear to be unfocused.

Currently my Patreon only looks at the making of my video game, but I feel like there’s so much more going on in my life that would be interesting and worth sharing… I just don’t know how to execute it properly.

Any suggestions on how to focus a Patreon campaign that covers such a diverse spectrum? Bad idea? Good idea?

I have the same ‘problem’ - I work in different disciplines and mediums, and I can easily be perceived as being ‘all over the place’ with no focus or commitment to one art form.

I contemplated creating two different Patreon accounts, but the amount of work put me off - Patreon is suppposed to help me do more art, not more admin! You could consider adding another acount? But I am sticking to one account, and am trying to use the featured tags to catagorize different types of work. My work all has a common underlying theme, which serves in my favour. You could possibly find what thread pulls your work together?

Hope this helps a little, even if only to make you realize you’re not alone in your dilemma :wink:

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Set up one account, and sell yourself, rather than the various things you do. Using this method, Patrons are signing on to support you, rather than support your films, or your video games.


I’ve seen bigger outlets separate themselves with multiple Patreons, but I am so small currently that I don’t think dividing would be a good idea. I feel like I am in an awkward stage haha.

Thanks for your input!

I like the idea, but am curious what exactly I would do content wise in this approach… I also find offering perks would get messy too. Some might be signing up for one specific element, and not care about other aspects.

Content would be a peek at whatever you’re working on today. I post progress shots almost daily, of whatever it is that’s on my work table, and those posts tend to generate more comments than my finished pieces or videos.

And don’t get too hung up on rewards. Any time I tweak mine, or ask for input, the feedback I get from patrons is “we don’t care about the rewards”. I’m not saying not to put thought into them, but don’t kill yourself trying to create rewards that make every single patron who wants to back one thing happy.


I hear you! :smiley:

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I definitely understand how you feel! I’m an artist, writer, Arts Administrator, and mask-maker. For awhile, I ran three Patreon accounts, one for my art, one for artisan crafts, and one for my art marketing advice/reviews/stock resources.

The upside was that I was able to customize my Rewards and fine tune them very well for my unique target audiences. The downside was that it just took so much time! My eventual solution was to combine my artisan and art accounts into one place and keep my art marketing account going.

The way my art account works now is that I run thematic ‘projects’ on it. For example, right now I’m doing a series of Art Nouveau paintings and masks based around the theme of birthstones and birth flowers. I stick to this series theme with any creations and Rewards I do so that there’s some uniformity (since I do also have different art styles, from Art Nouveau to anime).

Now, when this series is complete, I’ll ‘re-skin’ my art account and re-tool all the Reward tiers to match my new theme. My current Patrons will also have a chance to vote in a poll on what they’d like to see me do next, which helps them feel engaged as well.

That’s how I’ve been handling my multipassionate projects, anyways. There’s no perfect solution, other than Patreon adding the ability to have one main user being able to manage various projects, which I hope will come sometime in this site’s future!

Good luck however way you go. You’ll figure out what works for you through doing!


Currently I produce art of two greatly varying themes with 3D anime styled art and 2D furry art. I just post it all in the same place but I occasionally wonder if it’d be better to separate them into their own patreon accounts.

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What I’ve chosen to do so far, and since my original post, is to just focus on one, and slowly introduce my other industries if requested or when needed. Let me know how your strategy works for you. :slight_smile: