Advice on reducing tiers to just one

I’ve been thinking about reducing my five tiers to just one. I can’t keep up with managing five tiers on my own so I’ve been thinking about having one tier at a cheaper price where I give my patrons access to all the rewards I offer and am able to produce.

Right now, I have a couple rewards that I’m struggling to deliver on. It would feel like such a relief and I think there are some benefits to it. I have a very small patron base and am struggling to attract more people. So I figured having a cheaper tier might make things easier especially with more rewards on offer for the one tier.

What do you guys think of this? I was thinking of either deleting tiers or letting people know that I’m offering all rewards at the cheaper tier but if they want to support me at the higher tiers then I won’t say no. I also don’t want to make my patrons at higher tiers feel cheated because they’ve paid for the rewards I’ve produced so far. I’ll reach out and ask them for their thoughts. I could also not make past rewards available to everyone and only make future rewards available to everyone.

I’d love your advice. S.


I would definitely say speak with your patrons about this and let them know what you’re thinking and if any changes would be coming.

Apart from that, why not have at least two tiers? Sort of like you were mentioning with the higher tier of no rewards. A tip-jar tier that doesn’t get any rewards but makes it easy to sign up for for people who just wanna support you, then your reward tier, where you actually give everything out. (So your smallest tier could be 2 or 5 bucks, then the reward tier, then maybe one or two higher ones purely for that extra donation only.)

If you’re combining both the big rewards and little ones, I’d be hesitant to go /too/ low in the final price, but it’s up to you.

I’ve seen lots of people combine Gumroad with past rewards too, if you’re wanting to go that route of locking up past rewards. :slight_smile: Still keeps them exclusive, doesn’t leave them collecting dust and gets you extra cash, and could incentivize new patrons if they see the price for current rewards might be a touch cheaper if they want more in the future. (Ex: Reward tier could be 10$/month, and a previous month could be 15$ on Gumroad.)

Good luck!


hey sibuor! I have a bunch of tiers to give my patrons options to pay me what they want but for the most part I give them access to EVERYTHING - most of them don’t care about what they GET they are more interested in what they GIVE.

They folks who jump in at the higher tiers, I surprise with little things here and there but for the most part, all the tiers are the same. When they join at the higher levels, I send them some merch but that’s it, I post all the same stuff, it’s either PUBLIC or PATRON ONLY.

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Hey Brett. That’s an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!


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Hey there. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check out Gumroad.


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