Affiliate / Referral Program (Feature Request)

I would love to be able to give out “affiliate links” to friends, collaborators, etc -

So that when they give that affiliate link to their community, and somebody from their community becomes my Patron, then I could give a commission to the original friend/collaborator who referred the new Patron to me.

I would want to be able to determine the commission structure (for example, I would want to give a specific and recurring percentage commission for the lifetime of that new Patron).

I would also want to be able to setup redirect links. For example, I don’t want the affiliate link to go to my Patreon creator page.

Instead, I want the affiliate / referral links to be able to go things such as an optin page for a free online course or eBook that I offer. Then I can build a relationship with that new subscriber, eventually get them to become a Patreon, and from there Patreon would be able to give the commission to the original referring friend/collaborator.

The system would need to have a long cookie lifespan. At least 180 days. Recommend 365.


Interesting idea, @chriscade! I’ll definitely surface this to the team. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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