All I want is out

All I really want is - out of Patreon. I have given up all hope that this platform, one day, might “work for me”, but in fact it is growing more and more into the exact opposite of what I want to use: It is an aggressive Facebook-supporter (I do not use Facebook and do not plan to do so, I consider Facebook to be a declared enemy of privacy and democracy), it only supports Youtube (I have deleted over 500 tutorials from Youtube because Google/Alphabet is not giving back for all the content I have provided them with), I find using the settings and options menus more confusing every single time I use them and the visual presentation of content (and options) is still a complete mess. It just looks BAD.
My suggestions to Patreon usually got answered with “thanks for the input we value your blabla blablabla bla”.

All I want is out. I cannot. I can only “disable” my account, so I had to manually delete all content. I have filed a “request for deletion”, which is now sent to an EXTERNAL COMPANY that will, over time, maybe after 30 days or so, probably or eventually or maybe not DELETE the data Patreon is keeping about me.
This is PRECISELY why I want out: Patreon has made a lasting impression on me that it gives a ***** about “creative” people and wants to focus on (probably mainly American, because America-First, you know) “artists”. I am fine with artists. I even know an artist! I am simply HELPING artists to do their job, and do not plan to become an artist myself. So Patreon is not for me - but I cannot even get OUT OF HERE.

Lesson learned: Do not involve with “modern social-media-companies”. All they want is your content to grow and sell themselves to a major player. You, the “creator”, are but a means to an end.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Even several weeks after my inquiry - PATREON REFUSES TO LET ME OUT. No response WHATSOEVER from their anonymous unknown third party partner who seems to have access to all my data without my consent. My account is still active. I still do not have ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER about what data is stored about me, my finances, my connections.

I consider this platform now a FRAUD - why? Because they are handing out data access to a third party company that DOES NOT RESPECT DATA PRIVACY, as it seems.

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