Allow bitcoin pledges and withdrawals

I live 100% on bitcoin and getting my money out of Paypal is a bit tricky AND expensive (high fees in Brazil).

Bitcoin is great for money moving internationally at super low cost and good anonimity. It would be MUCH cheaper for me to transfer my “patreon bitcoins” to my local exchange and cash out (or just use bitcoin directly as I already do via my bitcoin cards).

What about willing Creators being able to accept pledges in bitcoin directly AND withdraw the monthly payments in bitcoin?

Wouldn’t hurt those that want to keep going the standard Paypal route and would lower non-US customers’ fees by a big chunk (and get the gov and big corps out of the way of creators!).

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@heytheresinner, Woooo so happy to have you here!

We have a specific section for product feedback and ideas here; would be awesome if you could add your ideas there so other members can “heart” it to show support. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve changed it to the proper category :slight_smile:

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I’m not a bitcoin user at all (i do have a wallet somewhere tho), however I really like the idea also in the sense of internationalisation of the platform - i.e. making the platform friendly for creators from around the world. Also, I’m mostly pretty uncomfortable using PayPal, since I heard many horrid stories, so support of any alternatives is really great to hear about.

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