Allow Creators to post multiple image files on a post!

As an artist, this is the number one reason why I’ve stopped using Patreon’s feed! :frowning:

When choosing to create an image post on Patreon, I’d love to be able to select more than one file. I don’t know why that’s not a feature yet!
Sometimes I want to share multiple steps of a WIP image, or give my patrons a “collection” of everything that’s been created that month. It would look so good on my feed as a multiple image post, and my supporters could navigate through them like they can on Twitter or Instagram. The alternative seems to be attaching multiple files at the end of a post, which doesn’t even create little thumbnails, so it’s not eye catching at all. Would love to see something being improved on this subject! <3

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Hey there, are you familiar with our inline image feature? That should be appropriate for this use case.

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Hi Angela, can I jump in and suggest an improvement to the inline feature? It works well, but it would be quite handy if we could upload more than 1 image at a time. If I need to include 5 images in a post, I have to upload them. one. at. a. time. I’m not sure if this is a technical thing or an oversight.

There’s also often an issue, when uploading several images, that you can’t write text in-between afterward. To explain: I usually put my images in place first, then spread the text accordingly, but sometimes (especially on mobile – not in the app, which I can’t use) it’s just not possible to make a space between two images to write in. I have to type in lines of random letters, place my images between them, and then replace the placeholder text with my actual copy. (Ok, this sounds complicated, but if the app was capable of saving draft posts nobody would have to type them in a mobile browser and the issue wouldn’t arise :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for drifting!)


Agree with @joumana @Angela … using the inline-feature is a bit handy, but it works… - often I have to upload 8-15 pics, but it works… - an upgrade in the future to upload multiple pics at once will be great - but right now it works…


I have never heard of the in line feature for uploading more than 1 image. Where do zi find that information?

Angela posted the link in her response.

Do you guys know if they are working on allowing us to post multiple videos in the same post?
Thank would be an awesome feature!


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hi! thanks for making this. I’m going to merge it with a similar request with images to keep track of similar product requests. :slight_smile:

I agree with joumana, I uploaded a 22 page comic using inline on Patreon. It took ages selecting and uploading one page at a time. It was also a pain in the butt to make sure I didn’t double post, select a file out of order, or miss an image. It’s also easy to accidentally delete a file when trying later add text to the post.